The population served at SRH includes all ages. Patients can expect appropriate procedures, treatments, interventions and care. This will be provided according to evidenced based policies, procedures, protocols and order sets that have been developed to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes. Appropriateness of procedures, treatments, interventions and care will be based upon patient assessments, re-assessments, and desired outcomes. Respect for individual patient needs, rights, and confidentiality will be maintained.

Patients require special care when they arrive at SRH due to complications resulting from e.g. spinal cord injury and disease, multiple sclerosis, congenital and genetic disorders mostly due to consanguineous marriages, brain injury or a neuromuscular disorder, etc.

Secondary conditions will be fully addressed before a patient begins rehabilitation. SRH will treat patients who require medical and limited surgical interventions due to secondary complications from an injury or degenerative disease. Specialty services include but is not limited to the treatment of pressure sores, urological complications, gastrointestinal complications, respiratory disease (i.e., pneumonia), and deep vein thrombosis.