Capital Health's Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital - a specialty hospital serving patients with complex conditions - is setting out to change the rehabilitation statistic of our region.

Central to ensuring break-through therapy is a healing space in which interdisciplinary teams of therapists, doctors and nursing staff work together. This strategic deployment of talent will ensure scientifically backed hope for the patient and their families.

The setting is a state of the art "Space" - From the prominent facade to the private patient rooms, from the revolutionary Hydrotherapy suite to the exceptional "Bayt Al Qudra" suite, all designed with patient healing in mind.

Capital Health's SRH introduces its progressive model of care through seven core offerings, focused on areas of rehabilitation science that will change the way patients get better.


To be the most trusted rehabilitation hospital in the UAE and be highly regarded internationally.


We are committed to providing all our patients and their families the highest quality rehabilitation services leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and harvesting the highest standards of clinical talent.


  • Quality and excellence in everything we do.
  • Commitment to improving the lives of patients.
  • Integrity and respect as the basis for all our relationships.
  • Effective collaboration and teamwork to drive results.
  • Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement that shapes our future.


  • SRH will provide evidenced based care and services to an increasing number of patients requiring rehabilitation care and those requiring sub-acute and long-term care. It will be the Nation’s first fully acute and long-term rehabilitation hospital.
  • SRH is a specialty rehabilitation hospital and is licensed for 166 beds. Our core focus is aimed at our patients and their families. Patients will receive individualized care provided by a multidisciplinary team in a healing environment.
  • SRH offers its services to patients whose medical needs can be met within the capability of the Hospital’s staff and facilities. At SRH, we aim to enable our patients to thrive and outgrow their challenges. SRH will be part of a Continuum of Care that covers the delivery of healthcare over a period of time.